cafe 1I met him at a café late one Sunday evening. I wasn’t supposed to be out so late on a
school night! I had to be up early for work but I was so into this book! Everything I
Never Told You by Celeste Ng. It’s such a good read I couldn’t put it down at that
point. I was drinking a Hot Chai Latte at my local Browns. I love this place. Luckily for
me it’s right on the corner of street so I do tend to stay late and then giddy on home!
Browns serves the best tea and coffee and these little hot baked scones all through
the day. They served hot breakfasts all through the day and night too so you could
really lose track of time in there! So here I was, reading my book quite happily and
this handsome man comes walking in, at 23.23pm to be exact but who’s looking! It
was one of those moments when the bell rang at the door and usually id glance up –
I am literally apart of the furniture in there now – sometimes they even just tell me
to go back and fill up my own coffee! I love it though. It’s so warm in there. They
have a huge purple coach in the corner of the room where I love to snuggle down
with my beloved book and books – I have been through at least two in the last week.

On this occasion though, this guy walked in and I am pretty sure my mouth dropped
to the floor – and I was a changed Woman. I started making sure I was there the
same time every Sunday night just encase I saw him again – I know it’s a little sad but
I just had this feeling about him like I had about no other. So one eve, after I had
rushed home late from work, I jumped in the shower, scrubbed my hair clean with
my beloved Tea Tree oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics, stayed in the shower daydreaming about mystery
man, left the shower! Lol! Got dressed… and ran to the café… it was nearly eleven
and I wanted to make sure I got there on time. I had seen him a few times now but
for some reason I had a feeling about this night!attraction 1
I was right! Must have been my lucky Tea Tree – I was feeling ever fresh and ready to
meet my dream man – haha! I was near the end of my book and "ding", the front
bell went. I looked out the corner of my eye and there he was, although this time he
wasn’t alone, he happened to be with a friend of mine Freddy. I jumped up and was
like “hey Freddy, how are you?”, the rest is history! Turns out Jay (short for Jason)
was his roommate and he had moved in around 6 weeks ago – and they just so
happened to live a few streets away from mine! Ahh – sweet serendipity! We all sat
there talking until we got kicked out. From then on, Jay and I started meeting (on
purpose) at the café pretty much every night of the week there-after and we have
now been dating for six months. He’s a book worm like me! I am a happy girl, I must
say! Thank you Browns and thank you Tea Tree – somehow I feel you brought me
special luck that night!

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Published:December 24, 2017


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