Crossover Station 19 and Greys

Here’s your weekly update on Station 19. Basically, there was recently a crossover between Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy, and when I watched the first few minutes of Grey’s Anatomy some of the storyline of Station 19 was already ruined for me. So I decided to stop watching that specific episode a greys anatomynd catch up on Station 19. Which is good because it turns out that I was nine episodes behind! Now that’s a lot of episodes, especially for someone who doesn’t often have time to watch a ton of television. But somehow, in a week and a half I managed to catch up on everything! It’s amazing what you can do when you really put your mind to it. Anyway, so the part I saw in Grey’s Anatomy was that Vic and Chief Ripley are still together. Not the end of the world that the surprise was ruined, but they started off more casual so I was surprised that they were still a thing. And I imagined that the plotline included some ups and downs in their relationship, so I wondered how all of this would play out yet I still knew that they’d be winding up together.

Most recently between the couple, they were trying to figure out a solution to their predicament. Which, specifically, is that their relationship can’t go public because he’s her boss and the news could jeopardize both of their careers. So, they tried thinking of alternative plans.

Sure they could keep hiding the relationship, but they were at the point where they didn’t want to anymore. Another option was to have one of them transfer, but that meant them moving and living far away as well. Ripley threw out the idea of them getting married, as having the marriage certificate would protect them from any punishments. Yet that’s a big deal, something that Vic’s best friend made her really consider since it affects the rest of her life.station 19

Yet then there was a massive fire, one in which many firefighters were injured. A firefighter was stuck inside and no one was able to go in to save him, so Ripley did. Vic was so scared, just waiting until he walked through the doors safe and sound. When he did, she was so relieved, and she went over to talk to him. In her rush of emotions, she actually told him how much she loved him and she asked him to marry her. she then realized how crazy she was sounding and told him to think about it. he agreed to take some time, telling her that he would meet her by their place in the morning. By the way, their place is a cute little diner which no one that they know goes to. However, Vic was waiting for Ripley for about twenty minutes and he didn’t show up. Eventually she left, disappointed and hurt, and went to work to distract herself. Turns out, though, that something was very wrong.

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Published:October 6, 2019

Crossover TV

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