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rich dad poor dadThe whole “takes money to make money” thing is one of the truest cliches in the book. The reason that many people are not tuned into this is due to the equally cliched “rat race”. And like it or not, most of us are there, often due to our own ignorance. When you read a book like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and similar publications, you are able to widen your perception. Even if the book doesn’t fully articulate the plan for a better future, it gives you a lot to think about, and it provides you with the ability to focus your energy on things which are most important to you. We all have our definitions of what constitutes rich, poor, wealthy, and broke. We have our own plans and ways of thinking, but there are times when these are to our detriment. That whole “1%” thing is a shifty one, since that “1%” is constantly changing and evolving. People make money, people lose it.

To make money, you first need to understand how money works, and contrary to what many would have you believe, you don’t have to be an MBA to get it. In the aforementioned book, the rich dad tells the boy that the whole point is to increase assets and avoid liabilities. The main issues is that most people consider their assets to be assets, while in truth and reality they are their largest liabilities. I am not sure of what to do with the money that I have, but I know that I grateful dead 1 want to keep it. And this is not done in the way that many are taught. People are taught about money when life wallops them, and takes everything they have. This is not a good way to learn about it. It is best to learn about it when there is more time to consider things. It’s like the Grateful Dead said: keep your day job till your night job pays. And that is exactly right.

The ability to have money which grows and covers your expenses is one which is attainable by all of those who put their mind to it. It is a question of sacrifice and priority. If you are willing to keep your day job while pursuing other avenues of income-generation, you are on your way to having your assets build, and have your money work for you. That is the golden rule.

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Published:June 28, 2018


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