Activities for Teachers, that can Save the Classroom Money

One really fun way to give students their own whiteboard type of setup without breaking the bank is to use whiteboard stickers, markers, cotton balls and glue! Each student can apply their own whiteboard circle to their desk (or cut them in half to save money and space) to have their very own safe and easy way to write important notes on kids learningtheir desk! This will also save money on paper and notebooks for the students and school alike. For the markers, in order to save on space and money, and add convenience, just glue a cotton ball to the end of the marker for an easy and space-saving eraser. You can use different colored markers and cotton balls to create different fun and exciting color combinations!

You can also get your students to do things for you which can save you time and money. You can make it an activity for the class to do while you’re in the classroom. Essentially use your students as free labor. You can even get stuff done for you home. Just tell them it is an arts and craft things. Have them stain furniture do other crafty stuff for your house. It will teach them some skills while also getting some stuff done for your home. Why not? They aren’t going to learn much more in your classroom. It is more important for them to learn what cells are made of or how to actually make something. Get them to do DIY projects for your house and then you won’t have to do them when you are home. You can spend your time watching netflix or scrolling through youtube.

Kids will have fun doing things with their hands. It is a nice way to break up the school day. Kids also like seeing the fruit of their labor. Seeing that they can actually make something with their hands. Going from nothing to creating something is a great feeling for children to have. You can also use this to get yourself some nice stuff for your home.

Kids love to do DIY activities so it will be a lot more fun than sitting and doing worksheets. Sitting and doing kids learning1worksheets all day is miserable for kids. I get why so many kids are diagnosed with ADHD because they can just sit and concentrate on worksheets that do not interest them. I don’t understand how this shocks people. More so I don’t understand how people think giving drugs to children is the answer to them not wanting to sit for multiple hours on end. Doing things that most adults couldn’t handle doing. I’d like to see and adult sit at a desk and do mindless worksheets for eight hours straight. I can almost guarantee they won’t be able to do it. Which is ironic that they then get upset when children can do it when children can’t do it. So parents decide to just pump drugs into kids so they can concentrate better while sitting in class. Then the kid will grow up addicted to essentially speed. Essentially ADHD medication is just speed. Speed is also meth, parents are giving their kids essentially meth most of the time.

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Published:July 10, 2019


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