Delving Into The Glock 19

While you’re busy deciding which handgun to buy I want to go more in-depth about the 19. So many articles and posts and threads can be found about Glock’s model number 19. From to the, everybody is raving about it!  Ever since it was released in the late 1980’s, it has been on the lists of many gun enthusiasts. There is almost nothing wrong with this gun. And that is a hard thing to achieve. But hey, they have done it.

Gaston Glock used his own nylon-based polymer-2 to create the frame of this gun, and this plan did not backfire. Okay, bad pun. Forgive me.

The Glock 19’s predecessor, the full size 9mm Glock 17, was welcomed with open arms, and it really revolutionized the firearms industry. When the compact Glock 19 came out, it was very well-received. Because by then, people knew that Glock meant business, and that the company’s line of firearms was one which you can trust.

goo goo chiDimensions:

Length: 7.36 inches

Height: 4.99 inches

Width: 1.18 inches

So, as you can see, it really is compact, which makes it better for concealed carry. For those who are looking for a gun which they can really make their own, the Glock 19 would be a good starting point. It has so many accessories available for it, and there is no doubt that they can enhance and improve on a shooter’s skills. As far as accessories go, I don’t go nuts. I usually add a grip and night sights. That’s pretty much it. But, if you want, the Glock 19 has many, many accessories. Some are better than others, the choice I leave to you.

The Glock 19 has 4 different generations or installments. The latest in the series, the Gen 4, was introduced in 2010, and – after a justified recall and upgrade – it became a fan favorite. Some still prefer the Gen 3, and I suppose that those who are used to it will stay with it, and not move on to the Gen 4. Not because the differences are so many, but only because the ones which do exist are crucial, such as a larger magazine release button, a textured grip, and a larger internal spring. These are things which can affect the shooter and the shot.

The Glock “Safe Action” mechanism means that there is no physical safety button. The safeties are all independent, and they are:

The trigger lock, which needs to be pressed in order to fire. This keeps the gun from being fired accidentally.

The firing pin safety, which keeps the striker from moving. Glock guns are all striker-fired.

The drop safety, which is exactly what it sounds like. Even with a round in the chamber, the Glock 19 will not fire when dropped from a reasonable height.g nightkd

Like I said, I add night sights, which I believe can be a very important accessory. Maybe the most important one, after a good holster. A lot of sights are very cheap, they last a long time, and they can really help you out. From polymer sights, to steel sights, to fiber optic sights – whatever does it for you. You need to be confident in your weapon.


Published:July 27, 2016

Glock Handguns

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