Which Gun Is Right For Me – G17 or G19

You all know I keep it real and there is nothing more real than guns. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Glock handgun is: which one is better, the G17 or G19? This question pops up everywhere, and I will give you my view on this, which is that there is not one which is better than the other.

Glock model 17 was the first handgun manufactured by the Glock company, in the early 80’s, at the behest of the Austrian defense department. They asked Gaston Glock to submit a gun, in a bid to get a government contract. Glock had already been doing business with the military, selling them practice devices and training equipment. He went to work with his team, in order to create the sidearm of the future.

The Glock 17 – a full-sized, 9mm chamber, semi-automatic firearm – took the world by storm. By 1984, it had acquired its very own NATO serial number, and was in use by security forces all over Europe. There were those who made fun of this “plastic” polymer-2-based gun, and who prophesized that it will never make it in the long run. Many years later, those guys are still busy eating their rather large slices of humble pie. Add some sugar, boys. It tastes better.

From the mid- to late-80’s, following the success of the Glock 17 (reviewed by Gunivore.com “Glock 17 vs 19”), there was demand for a weapon of the same caliber but smaller proportions. Glock heeded this, and in 1988 came out with the 9mm compact Glock 19. Essentially, it was the 17’s younger sibling. They looked the same, felt the same, and are both as accurate as can be. The differences are only in size, and in the capacity of the standard magazine which the gun comes with.

Comparing Specs

Some specs (taken from Glock.com):

G17            G19

G17 or G19LENGTH                    8.03 in.    7.36 in.

HEIGHT                    5.43 in.    4.99 in.

WIDTH                    1.18 in.    1.18 in.

WEIGHT (Unloaded)               25.06 oz.    23.65 oz.

WEIGHT (Loaded)                    32.12 oz.    30.18 oz.

STANDARD MAGAZINE               17                15

OPTIONAL MAGAZINE             10/33        10/17/33

Both models have the same trigger pull, both are equipped with Glock’s own “safe action” triple safety system. The Gen4 series of G17 and G19, released in 2010, offers models which are slightly smaller than the previous generations. Both guns have the ability to be extensively accessorized and personalized. Furthermore, Glock is a very popular company, so you should have no problem finding anything you want, online or offline. Any run-of-the-mill gun shop should have everything you need for your Glock.

The best way to know which model is that one for you, is by testing them both out. Also, think of what you will be using it for. Are you a civilian? In the service? On the force? Will you be using it for self-defense or active duty? Is it for open carry or concealed carry? What about the grip? How large are your hands?

Many questions to be answered, and a lot of them will already be solved the first time you are at the range. You will immediately see and sense which one is the model for you. Go for it.

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Published:July 16, 2016

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