Better Hair Care Naturally

I have long, fine hair. Every now and then, I will get asked by people (sometimes on the street!) what I do make it look so shiny. I always say that the first steps are to re-evaluate everything that you have going on in your bathroom and / or

If you want healthy hair, you need to first detox. And by that, I mean to get rid of everything that is not natural. Now, the word “natural” is thrown around a lot, so I will clarify.

For a hair care product to be natural, according to my personal standards, it does not have to be 100% natural. I don’t mind if there are some latherers, as long as they are waaaay down the ingredients list. The shampoo and conditioner I use happen to be 100% natural, but in my opinion it simply needs to have a healthy amount of oils and extracts. Some people, like myself, don’t mind lathering agents.

Two things to watch out for are parabens and sulfites (not to be confused with wine sulphites!). Again, the key is moderation. Some company’s advertise as natural, when in fact they only have one or two natural ingredients in the product.

Either way, go with your gut, too. As I once read somewhere: if you need a chemist to decipher the list of ingredients, perhaps this product is not for you.

Taking care of hair is important. Hair is a part of who we are. Humans are relatively hairless creatures, so the hair we do have gains some importance. It is such a diverse topic, but what we can all agree on is that if you mess too much with your hair and damage it, you may need to seriously reconsider your hair care routine when you want to get hair-healthy.

That is why the first step is the bathroom. Next – salons. Nothing wrong with them, per se, but make sure to find one which fits your lifestyle and hairstyle. Don’t settle. This is your hair we are talking about, and there is a lot to be said for it. Take care of your body, your scalp, and your hair. Treat them right, give them love, and you will receive love back!

We will be keeping it real here so be sure to come on back


Published:May 25, 2016

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